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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who is Yoshi, and why isnt he a capper? Is he a fictional Nintendo Charachter? Is he a Japanese exchange student? Is he making money on the sedgecourt picks? These questions need to be answered! In honor of the sedgecourts biggest fan, and biggest mystery, I give you the BDA thursday night pick: FSU +2 at North Carolina. FSU has one of the best Offenses in the ACC and one of the worst defenses. Strange though is that NC is the exact opposite. I cant see a team like FSU with the History of FSU and Recruits like FSU going into a Primetime game against an inferior program and and getting pushed around. Time to sack up Seminoles!

BDA Pick: FSU+2 (1000)

  1. Feedback At 8:37 PM ~ Blogger yoshi23070 said...

    LOL nice post HAHA I just like to read everyone's opinion on this and I love the pics of the babes of course! I barely learned about email. So you guys will see my comments more and more~! Oh and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ;] Love all the insight even though i am against almost 50% of your plays.
  2. Feedback At 12:10 AM ~ Blogger yoshi23070 said...

    Forgot to add if i make picks trust me we all would loose LOL. Ive been having a bad 4 years in football! You guys actually save me some money when i actually listen to you guys.
  3. Feedback At 12:45 PM ~ Blogger Big Dumb Animal said...

    hope you listened last night...I must admit I was getting a little nervous based on how FSU came out in the 1st half
  4. Feedback At 5:08 PM ~ Blogger yoshi23070 said...

    Amazing comeback. I played them at half what a game, thank god i was falling asleep with their offense in the first half.

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