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Friday, January 02, 2009

YTD ATS 35-32-2
15,400 Points

BC and Penn State were losers but LSU and the PSU/USC over with both easy winners.

The Winter Classic was UNBELIEVABLE!! I have attended many, many Chicago sporting events during my life and nothing will ever top this. It was electric. We began the day at Murphy's at 10:00am. I started off with an Absolute Bloody and da Wife had an Absolute Screwdriver. After we finished off breakfast and got our all important Vitamin C out of the way we began consuming Bud Lights around 10:05am. We met up with our friend and keeper of the hottest tickets in the history of Chicago around 11:00, had 2 more Bud Light's and headed into Wrigley around 11:15.

Amazing. The view, our seats, the buzz around Wrigley. It was all awesome. The National Anthem was EXTREMELY loud and it felt like the Old Chicago Stadium again. The Hawks brought everything to Wrigley to make it feel like a home game. Hearing the horn at Wrigley was wild.

I was all over the Detroit fans. Pounding em with chants of DETROIT SUCKS, 0-16, and when they responded with "We got the cup" Enzo countered with "WE GOT JOBS!" Fuck Detroit and everything that comes out of that shitty City. (except the cars of course. Enzo supports the UAW, unless that UAW member is a Wings fan)

The first period was non stop action with me all over the tub of shit Wings fan that I very nearly sent rolling down the stairs. The second period was the worst part of the day and I ate some humble pie.

Bud lights were flowing all day and I was home by 8:00 and passed out by 9:00. Happy New Year Hawks fans!!

On to this weekends winners. Enzo's money is on these plays:

TEXAS TECH -4 (1000 points)
Are you kidding me? This is a blow out. easy money

EAST CAROLINA -3 (1000 points)
I may be hung over but Kentucky has looked like shit all year. Should be another easy cover.

BAMA/UTAH OVER 45.5 (1000 points)
If Utah has a shot they will have to put up at least 21. Enzo thinks they have a shot and the over is the play.

FALCONS -2.5 (1000 points)
ARZ looked like shit to finish the season and the Falcons are hot. Turner and Norwood will run all over the Cards leaky defense. Take the road team and lay the 2.5

DOLPHINS +3.5 (1000 points)
MIA is the home dawg that Enzo likes this week. Look for a 20-17 Dolphin home playoff win.

This is the game of BIG PLAYS. Look for some long bombs and some even longer runs. I like this to be a shootout in a dome. Could end up 33-30 with the big play ability of both clubs.

Six solid plays to vault Enzo back to the top! Now go make some money!



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