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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Dawg is now 14-8 ATS (16,000)

The Colts suck this year. There is no doubt about it. The days of dreaming about an undefeated season are long gone and will never return. It's time for this team to rebuild and move on. Even Lil' Ronnie has pissed all over his favorite team after that crushing loss to the Bears on their new stadium's opening night.

All that being said, having pride and a bye week are a powerful combination. These jackasses take pride in being losers and that is commendable. If Indianapolis does not win this game today, their season is completely over. What happens when people in Indiana can't be entertained by sports in the winter months? They start fucking their siblings and building truck bombs that blow up government buildings. Peyton knows that, and therefore he can't let that happen today.

Speaking of fucking your siblings..... what kind of dowry did Peyton get to marry this ugly bitch? Seriously, you are a quarterback in the NFL and this is the hottest chick you can find to spend your money? What in the fuck were you thinking Peyton? Dumb motherfucker.

So yes, I'm going with the low hanging fruit today. The entire betting community is rolling with the Ponys. In my mind, this makes this game primed to be an upset. We'll see, but today and I'm going to lay my money on the team that least likely to lose. That team in Indianapolis.

Ponys -3 over Houston (1000 dawg bones)

There are a few more bets that I would normally lay today. The Dawg, however, has decided not to be greedy after a tremendous Saturday in which he went 3-1 ATS. I am taking a lesson from this Wall Street Disaster and have decided I'm just going to take my fair share. I'm very tempted to bet on Monday's night game with an over/under bet, so we'll see.

That's how I roll.



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