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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greeting Sedge Court Readers New and Old!!!!!!!!

Yours truly is back to his winning ways having nailed my first "Pick of the Week" on Wisconsin this last Saturday. I now turn my attention to the National Football League and am proud to release this weeks "Pick of the Week" early. No need to wait till the weekend to get my best pick of the week because it is going on the Colts vs. the Saints on Thursday Night Football.

Saints at Colts

Here is what I know and why I am going to disagree with the Aldawg and Enzo........

1.)The Colts are the World Champions. Period. Can they get just an ounce of respect!

2.)The Defense is young, fast, motivated, and believing in themselves. Yes, they did lose some veterans in the off season, but the core nucleus is still there and the 1st squad has looked fantastic in the pre-season.

3.)Manning took the monkey off his back, grabbed it by its legs, beat it against the pavement till it was ground beef, dropped his drawers and then defecated on the remains. The guy has accomplished everything there is to accomplish as a player. The pressure is off and he will continue to make great decisions and spread the ball around.

4.)The 12th man. I work in Indianapolis and let me tell you....the NFL is putting on quite a production on the Circle tomorrow night. Streets have been blocked for days as the production crews turn Monument Circle into a Music Pavilion. Downtown business people have been given the day off to avoid traffic as the City is expecting ......100,000 screaming fans.....outside of the 60,000 who are attending the game to be downtown. This is our superbowl celebration party and the Circle City is amped.

No doubt, this is going to be a great game and great publicity for the City of Indianapolis. The Saints are good, but how good are they? That's the question. Drew Brees, played his college ball up the road at Purdue, spent some un-impressive time in San Diego, and reinvented himself in Nawlins'. He's good, but give me a friggen break. Reggie Bush? Yeah, the guy is sick and one weakness the Colts have had is stopping the run. He will have a big game.

But here is what I see happening......

Can the Colts cover 6? Sure but that's not were I am going to put my Zlotys. The hype is all set for a high scoring game. And time and time again, when everyone is expecting something it almost always goes the other way. This isn't college. The linesmakers know that you chumps are expecting a shootout and they know they make their paychecks in September because by October you will have burnt through your bankroll on stupid picks.

The Colts secondary will shut down Brees and keeping Manning off the field is the "only" way to beat the Colts. That means they need to burn clock and either run the ball or throw in the center of the field.

The Colts know that Bush can make big plays, so likewise, they will want to burn clock. With Ugoh's first start protecting Mannings blind side, I expect the Colts to rely on Addai more in the first half to allow the rookie tackle to find his sea legs. Passing situations are most likely to be short routes and screens which allow Manning to get the ball off quickly thus avoiding a season ending "rookie mistake".

Add it all up, average last years numbers, and it is likely this one goes under the total.

Polish X: Saints 24 / Colts 28

Robnosticator's Pick: Under 52 1/2 (3 Pierogi Pick of the Week!!!!!!!)

Go Colts!!!!!!



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