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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thursday Night Double Header:
This from the AP:

"COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) -During all those games he watched from the bench, Jordan Steffy's confidence never wavered. He kept working hard in practice, never complaining about his lack of playing time and always believing he would one day be Maryland's starting quarterback."

Fuck Jordan Steffy. Jordan Steffy? Jordan? Steffy? What the hell kind of name is Jordan Steffy for the LEADER of the Maryland Football team? Jordan Steffy should be singin wit dose boy bands. "He kept working hard in practice, never complaining about his lack of playing time" Pussy!

Rich Rodriguez is a cry baby. C'Mon you've seen it. The minute shit goes bad he gets that look on his face like his older brother just stole his cookie. I do not like the way he handles himself on the sidelines or the way he negotiates his contract for that matter. However he does know how to recruit FAST football players. Over the past couple of years WV has shot up the rankings by using the spread offense and SPEED. Rodriguez has turned the program into a National name (Along with Pittsnogle and his body art)

They were like the MAC teams on ESPN. Playing Nationally televised games on any day of the week. That is the 1 thing I like about Richy, fuck class, get seen, and get ass.

Maryland has done everything right. They are a respecatble program built by a big FAT MAN(Ralph Friedgen).

I like the #4 team in Da Country this week.
WVU -16.5 (300 FAZOOLS)

I know TCU lost to Texas. They were suppoed to lose to Texas. What do you think this is Ann Arbor?

TCU is a team to bet on this year. Solid coaching and High Scoring. This is a team that WILL RUN UP THE SCORE when ever possible. Week 3 is one of those weeks. Air force is about to get SMOKED. The Falcons piled up 334 yards on 63 rushing plays and attempted only two passes in the second half. They scored a TOTAL OF 20POINTS. 334 yard rushing? 20PTS? Huh?

TCU will look to regain there Top 25 status and RUN up the score Thursday night. When a team runs the ball 63 times in one game, are they hard to game plan for? I only wish Sean Payton of the Saints would have ran the ball 63 tines against the Colts.

TCU -8 (500 Fazools)

Fuck the home teams on Thrusday NIGHT!!!




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