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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Hey, look at me. I'm a big fat loser who only plays on third down.......when my pussy isn't hurting"


If you follow the AFC South then you know that Tennessee fans "think" that they have a "rivalry" with Indianapolis. I really first noticed this when a McDonald's employee in Nashville jokingly told me not to wear my Colts hat in the store. My Response was to give him a blank stare and respond with "I'll have the number 2, super-sized, with an orange drink".

The Titans have been Indianapolis' bitch since they were awarded their expansion. The frustration with their inability to beat the Colts has finally reach an all time low with the signing of Corey Simon.

It seems that the Colts opponents in the AFC think they may have a shot at beating Indy if they sign the schlubs that are kicked to da curb. Consider this...

Tennessee has signed 3 defensive Colts players. David Thornton, Nick Harper, and Corey Simon. These are the guys Jeff Fisher expects to stop Manning on Sunday? Let me break it down:

David Thornton- Did you catch all those big defensive stops this guy made for the Colts last year? Neither did I and that's why his gonso.

Nick Harper- You may remember his shining moment when he let Ben Roethlisberger run his punk ass down allowing the Steelers to go thru Indianapolis to the Superbowl. Granted, his wife did stab him the night before.

Corey Simon - Big, Fat, Lazy. These guy missed his not only all of last season but also a shot at playing in the Superbowl due to an "un-disclosed" illness. So instead "tubby" got to watch it from the sidelines while he stuffed meatballs down his throat. Nice pick-up Tennessee----Dumbasses!

Where I am going with this? My pick of the week.

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Sometimes you should stay away from the obvious picks and other time you should pounce on them. Everyone is on the Colts and at -7 I think this is a great pick and would get it know before the line moves. It will be -10 to -11 by kickoff.

Vince Young is a stud. I played the Titans several times last year and cashed in, but, this sunday is different. You could make the argument that Harper and Thorton could, would, should be better able to read Manning but look at what happened with Jason David last week. This week will be no different.

So congratulations Tennessee. I hope your new fat ass works out better for you than it did for us. Unfortunately, I think this week you get spanked.....again.

Polish X: Colts 25 / Titans 10

Robnosticator's Pick: Colts -7 (3 Pierogi Pick of the Week)

Now that thats out of the way I have two more quick picks and then I am out for the rest of the week. Let's head to the NCAA.

Notre Dame at Michigan

God, why can't I get away from these train wrecks. There is a german word for it: Schadenfreude which means to "take pleasure from someone else's misfortune". Unfortunately by Saturday one of these two teams is going to have a "W" and for their haters the enjoyment of watching them implode will have come to a temporary end.

As a capper the question is who is worse? I am going with Michigan being the more suspect team. Henne is hurt and the freshman Ryan Mallett from Texarkana is expected to start. Anything, Anyone or anyplace that is half Texas and half Arkansas is pre-destined to failure.

Notre Dame which relied on Jimmy last week appears to be looking at Evan Sharpley for the starting job. His numbers look better than Clausen and Weiss who has been called an "offensive genius" should be able to finally score an offensive touchdown.

Will Michigan lose a third straight game in the big house? I don't know. But, I do know that they both suck and they both desperatley need a win. It will be close.

Polish X: Irish 21 / Wolverines 24

Robnosticator's Pick: Irish + 7 1/2 (1 Pierogi)

Pittsburgh at Michigan State

Anything associated with Dave Wannstedt is also destined failure. Nice Fuckin Moustache Tom Selleck Wanna-Be

Polish X: Pittsburgh 14 / Spartans 36

Robnosticator's Pick: MSU Spartans -10 (1 Pierogi)

I am done. Have a great week. If I have a chance I may pop back in Saturday Night for some additional NFL picks, if not, see you next week and remember to.......

Stay Polska,



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