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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello again Sedge Court Readers. It's Tuesday and that means it is time to review how we did against the spread.

For our new readers, every Tuesday and/or Wednesday and occasionally on Thursday we post our weekly results. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It is all disclosed. Today is our first report card for the season. (Cappers- Keep in mind that results will not count towards the regular season. Everyone will start at 10,000 points and a 0-0-0 record on Labor Day Weekend)

Like the professional football the pre-season is an opportunity for us to work out our kinks and to get our figurative sea legs back. Based on this weeks results it is fair to say that many of us were still puking over the starboard side of this vessel. My advice is to fade these guys since they are "forced" to make four pre-season picks to qualify for the prize money.

Sedge Court Cappers.

1.) Robnosticator went 1-0 this week and was up +100 points (1-0-0 ytd) (10,100 points)
2.) Big Dumb Animal went 1-0 this week and was up +100 points. (1-0-0 ytd) (10,100 points)
3.) Aldawg went 0-0-1 this week and was flat in points. (0-0-1 ytd) (10,000 points)
4.) Enzo went 0-1 this week and was down -100 points. (0-1-0 ytd) (9900 points)
5.) Joe Casciato "Shadow" went 0-2 this week and was down -200 points. (0-2-0 ytd) (9800 points)
6.) Bobcat did not make any picks.
7.) Supervike/Dilly did not make picks.

8.) Sleenutz did not make any picks.

Overall we were 2-3-1 (40%) in our pre-season pick selections.

100-300 point picks were 2-3 (40.0%)
400-600 point picks were0-0-1 (nil%)
700-1000 point picks were 0-0 (nil %)

Click here for the Last Years Final Report Card or here for our Detailed YTD record.

The Good!

Robnosticator nails his first "Pick of the Year" !!!!!!

Big Dumb Animal follows suit. These brothers from the same mother know three things...Piwo's, Kielbasa's and Football.

The Bad!

Enzo loses on the Bolts. A year of posting on the Journal and he still has not figured out the whole "Edit Post" button when he forgets something he meant to write.

Aldawg pushes on the bars. That's not bad; but the picture he posts makes him look like he should be trying out for the lollipop guild.

The Ugly!

Joe Casciato "Shadow". Loses to straight picks. The good thing is he only has to lose two more qualify for the regular season.

Table Dance Tuesday!!

Thought I forgot about table dance Tuesday. I didn't!! Check out this lovely Latin lady. Some questions sure to be asked is who is the dude with the moustache and why is he playing Air Guitar???!!!!

And last but not least is a bonus pick from yours truly...

Bonus Pick:

Houston Dynamo (+125) v. Pachuca

MLS Champions, The Houston Dynamo face the Mexican Squad Pachuca in the Superliga 2007 tournament. The Dynamo are the home squad and MLS has been kicking the tostadas out of the Mexican squads. I like the Dynamo. You can watch the match for free at Superliga

Robnosticators Pick: Houston Dynamo (+125)

Thats it folks. We will be back later with commentary and this weeks picks.

Stay Polska,


What the hell are these points? Points are used to determine the strength of a bet. Think of them as units of betting. 100/1000 points is the minimum/maximum wager a Sedge Court Capper can make. Each Capper started the season with 10,000 points. The capper with the most points at then end of the season wins the Jackpot. Generally speaking 100 points would be considered one unit of betting. You can click here for the Official Handicapping Competition Rules.


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