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Thursday, August 30, 2007


We are now less than 12 hours from the first kick of the 2007 NCAA College Football Season. It's a great time of year. A time both wives and employers dread as productivity at home and the office literally falls of the cliff. So, if you are going to waste time following football you may as well make some Zloty's from the endeavour. That's were I come in.

For those of you new to the SCJ each one of the cappers here has a different philosophy and lingo for their picks. Here is mine.

I will generally release 6-7 picks a week evenly split between the NFL and College. My picks range in strength from 1 Pierogi to 5 Pierogis. 85% of my picks will be in the 1 Pierogi range. These are the games that I feel most comfortable with and release as my standard pick. Each week, I will release a 3 Pierogi Selection. This is my "Pick of the Week" and last year they went a documented 75% against the spread. My strongest and rarest picks are a 5 Pierogi "Pick of the Month". Last year, I released two and nailed both.

A lot of the cappers here will release 4 1000 point picks a week. I'm not going to say I will never do that, but I have yet to release even one 1000 point pick in the three years we have been doing this. My philosophy is simple. Reduce the risk of big losses and build my bankroll throughout the season. We will all have bad weeks, but a bad week with me won't bust the bank. So stick with the Robnosticator as I go for my third consecutive handicapping title.

So lets get to my Week One College Football Picks.

Buffalo (+32) at Rutger

First pick out of the gate and I am already contradicting myself and violating my pledge not to play big dogs like Buffalo. I can't help. I think Rutgers is over-rated and will not cover the number. This is the first time in school history that the Scarlett Knights have been ranked in the Pre-Season Top 25. There is a reason for that.....they have historically sucked!!! The turnaround story is still evolving but I don't think they can cover a 32 point number. Play on Buffalo.

Polish X: Buffalo 16 / Rutgers 33

Robnosticator's Pick: Buffalo +32 (1 Pierogi)

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame (-2 1/2)

Hail, Hail for Ol' Notre Dame.....blah, blah, blah. Look I hear you, its easy to hate the Domers. But, I got to tell you, my gut tells me they will have a good year. Georgia Tech is obviously going into this game with the revenge factor after last years loss in Atlanta; but without Calvin Johnson they are not as potent and will have to deal with the faithful and Jesus looking down at them. Notre Dame is without Brady Quinn, but the Irish still and always will be one of the few Division One programs that reloads as opposed to rebuilds. The Irish get it done it what should be a great game.

Polish X: Georgia Tech 21 / Notre Dame 28

Robnosticator's Pick: Notre Dame Fighting Irish -2 1/2 (1 Pierogi)

Purdue (-6 1/2) at Toledo

The Toledo Rockets go into 2007 better prepared and under more scrutiny. They return a majority of their starters and look like legitimate contenders in the MAC, but, have had to deal with some scrutiny after it was reported that players were involved in point shaving schemes. Purdue for their part is not highly regarded and many folks in Lafayette are calling for Tillers head. The Boilermakers need to make a statement early on and this could present them a great opportunity to beat up on a good team from a weaker conference. The numbers don't work but I am going to ignore them and roll with Purdue as my instincts tell me they have the better talent.

Polish X: Purdue 25 / Toledo 24

Robnosticator's Pick: Purdue Boilermakers -6 1/2 (1 Pierogi)

Washington State at Wisconsin (-14)

Bobcat, don't hate me. Listen, I so want to play on the Cougars. I have become a Washington State fan due to family connections and will actually be traveling to Madison in a pimped out Winnebago to witness this game.....but....I just can't bring myself to do it. Wisconsin is loaded and has a very real shot at running the table and playing in a National Championship Game. Washington State is the red-headed step child of the PAC-10 and is in the awkward phase between re-building and shit-canning their head coach. The Cougar secondary is young and inexperienced and should be be easily picked apart by the Badger offense. Madison is a tough place to play and I don't think the Cougs are up to the task. I will be wearing the Crimson and Gray and cheering for the Cougars to pull the upset, but my money always gets bet with my head. This one is the "Pick of the Week"

Polish X: Washington State 14 / Wisconsin 30

Robnosticator's Pick: Wisconsin -14 (3 Pierogi Pick of the Week!)

Thats it folks. My week one picks. Good luck and........................................

Stay Polska,



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