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Monday, July 30, 2007

Who Will Be This Years Best Football Prognosticator Ever?
$400 Minimum Prize Pool !!

The Sedge Court Journal is pleased to announce the rules and prizes for the 2007 Sedge Court Journal Football Handicapping Competition. Once again we are implementing some new competition features and exciting new changes to continue our trend as the "undisputed" leader of Free Football Pick Websites!!!!

Official Rules:

1.) Every Capper will be allocated 10,000 points at the beginning of the College Kick-off. The competition will officially end after the Superbowl.

2.) Cappers are required to make a minimum of 3 picks per week. There is a maximum of 15 picks per week. Weeks begin on Tuesday and end on Monday. (i.e. Monday Night Football is the last game of the week)

3.) Picks can be Over/Unders or Point Spread Sides. (Moneyline, Teasers, Parlays, or Prop Bets are not allowed)

4.) Minimum Bet 100 points / Maximum Bet 1000 points

5.) Each capper is required to Post the current line available at and the amount of Sedge Court Money they are wagering at the time that the Pick is posted. Failure to comply will result in the pick not being counted.

6.) All picks are required to be posted at least 1 1/2 hours prior to kick-off. Picks posted within 1 1/2 hours of kick-off will not be counted.

7.) Every Capper is allowed to miss one week and not required to release picks.

8.) Missed picks will be counted as a loss in the record and 100 points per missed pick will be deducted from the Cappers Sedge Court Money Account.

9.) After nine (9) missed picks (including the cappers bye week) the capper will automatically be disqualified from the competition and ineligible to receive any prize money.

10.) AFC/ NFC Championship Week and Superbowl Week will be combined into one week in order for cappers to meet the three pick minimum requirement.

11.) Capper accounts can dip into negative values, however they will be prohibited from winning any prize money if they finish the season with a negative balance.

12.) Every Capper is required to make at least four (4) pre-season picks. Failure to make pre-season picks will make the capper ineligible to receive prize money. Pre-Season picks will not be counted in the Handicapping Competition.

13.) The Sedge Court Journal is not required to inform Cappers when and if they are in danger of losing and/or have been disqualified from eligibility to receive prize pool money. It is the responsibility of each capper to read and understand the rules of the Sedge Court Journal Football Handicapping Competition.

14.) Rules changes will be considered until 12:00 a.m. Saturday, August 4, 2007.

Prize Money and Handicapping Title:

A minimum $400 cash prize prize has been established and will be divided equally between the following two winners.

Best Football Prognosticator: This title will be awarded to the Capper who has the greatest percentage increase in the value of his Sedge Court Money Account. (2006 Winner: Aldawg)

Best Winning Percentage: This title will be awarded to the capper with the greatest winning percentage. (2006 Winner: Robnosticator)

The 2007 prize pool will be a minimum of $400 and a maximum of 25% of the Sedge Court Journals Ad revenue from the Adsense Program. Prize money will be allocated provided the following criteria are met:

a.) Never miss more than 6 picks throughout competition.

b.) Release all picks in prior to 1 1/2 hours before kick-off

c.) Make the required four (4) pre-season picks.

d.) Consistently adds value by providing insightful or humorous content throughout the duration of the season.

e.) The Sedge Court Journal reserves the right to decrease/eliminate the payout if the winning capper(s) is deemed to be lacking in insight and/or humor.


Participation is free and is open to any individual who has a passion for Football and/or Handicapping. Interested individuals should submit a request to the Big Kielbasa at

The Sedge Court Journal is also pleased to announce our newest member the Infamous Sleenutz!! Chi-Town to London this soon to be renowned capper covers Football--Both Kinds!

Good Luck!

-Robnosticator (2006, Best Winning Percentage; 2005 Best Prognosticator Ever)


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