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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


As you may have heard, Indianapolis, my hometown, lost it's bid for the 2011 Superbowl. Boo fuck-ing hoo. Dallas, on the otherhand, was givin the nod, apparantly due to the "larger suite capacity at the Cowboys facility"

According to the Indy Star , former IndyStar sportwriter and current spokesman for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association said he was "Extremely disappointed" and said he believed Dallas got the nod because the stadium of the Cowboys is larger and has more big money suites than Lucas Oil stadium. "Follow the money, it's the money rule. the reality is that sometimes your best is not good enough in the minds of others. Perhaps the economic disadvantages we have compared to Dallas were too much to be overcome."


Now listen, I love my hometown. It's a great place to raise a family and build a nice life. I always tell my Chicago brethren to pull up their stakes and head down. Why pay 500k to live in a matchbox when for the same amount of money you could have a 5000 sq. ft. pimped out palace in one of the best school districts in the nation, I ask? But despite good schools and affordable housing one has to address the elephant in the room and that is that Indy in February fucking sucks!!!!

How the city every expects to win a superbowl is beyond me and any future tax dollars spent on this endeavour are a waste of taxpayer funds. So let me break down why Indy will never host a superbowl.

Weather. February is fucking cold. Last year tempertures were in the teens. People like to make the superbowl a vacation, and no sane person is gonna dropped a few g's to hang out in central Indiana in the dead of winter.

Night Life /Party Life/ Signs of Life. Chain Bars and Franchise Restaraunts. If its homogenized it is in Indianapolis. The city is nice but the party scene is winding down at 12 and done at 2:00. Unlike Cities like Chicago or NewYork, where the "city never sleeps", Indy definately goes into a deep slumber, especially in the dead of winter. Golf? Forget it.

In the summertime, the city is vibrent and a great location for weekend conventions and events but in the is what it is.

So no matter how Bill Benner wants to spin it, Indy in February is a tough ticket to sell. Crap Weather, mild nightlife, suburbia. Is that worth a few g's?

And before I get a bunch of hate mail ask yourself this. Would you spend $ (500 p/person) on Airline tickets; $1000 (4 nights @ $250) on hotel accomodations; and X amount of dollars on food and drinks to hang out in Cleveland in the dead of winter IF YOUR TEAM was not in the Superbowl? I think not.

There I said it


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