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Friday, March 16, 2007

So your brackets' are already hosed and you've come to the Sedge Court Journal seeking Robnosticator's wisdom to help win you back some of those greenbacks you pissed away in the office pool.
Well guess what?
You are in luck!!! Because, I have a very solid pick on tonights action. This line is like finding a twenty on the Street. It is free money. Or as I like to call it my "Blank Check Pick"!!!
Southern Illinois Univesity (-7.5) vs. Holy Cross
Statistically these teams are almost identical. The Crusader averaging 64 points a game to the Salukis 63. The lines is this large because for one reason only. The bookmakers think the Patriot League is made up of Priviliged East Cost Mama's Boys who sport pastel golf shirts. These preppy sacks of shit spend there summers at their parents Country Club sipping Cognac and wasting away the days before graduation and there Wall Street Careers begin.
The Bookmakers also think the Missouri Valley Conference is made up of Ballers. That it embolizes the heartland of America. That kids in the Valley spend there summers working on their parents farm or in the Machine Shop.
But appearance can be deceiving. Yes, East Coast Mama's Boy suck in general. But they did not make it the tournament for the same reasons they make it life (Daddy paid for them). They have played well all year, and in basketball 7 and a half points is like 17 in football.
The Salukis who have been outstanding have struggled on offense, especially late in the game when they have had an opportunity to put it away. The shooting from the perimiter has also been suspect. I like the Salukis to win outright but I just do not see them covering the spread. An upset is possible here but this game is going to be another nail biter for Saluki fans.
Prediction: SIU Salukis 65 / Holy Cross Crusaders 63
Robnosticator's Pick: Holy Cross +7 1/2
Stay Polska and Go Southern Go!


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