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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Tuesday Sedge Court Junkies and that can mean only one thing at this corner of the world wide web. Report Card Time. Bottom line.....

We win the Big Bets!

700-1000 point picks we were 5-2 ATS (71.4%%)

Sedge Court Cappers Standings:

1.) Aldawg went 3-1 this week and was up 1100 points. (5-3-0 ytd)(11,900 points)
2.) Supervike/Dilly went 4-1 this week and was up 1300 points (6-3-0 ytd)(11,300 points)
3.) Robnosticator went 7-1 this week and was up 800 points (10-5-0 ytd)(10,800 points)
4.) Enzo 2-3 this week and was up 200 points (5-4-0 ytd)(10,800 points)
5.) The Rat went 2-1 this week and was down -100 points (5-2-0 ytd)(10,000 points)
6.) Big Money Pimpa went 0-2 this week and was down -200 points (0-2-0 ytd)(9700 points)
7.) Big Dumb Animal went 1-4 this week and was down -1100 points (3-4-0 ytd)(9600 points)
8.) Bobcat went 3-7 this week and was down -1200 points (7-7-0 ytd)(9400 points)
9.) Joe Casciato "Shadow" went 3-4 this week and was down -500 points (3-7-0 ytd)(8400 points)

Overall we were 25-24 (51.0%) in our total pick selections.

100-300 point picks were 18-15 (54.5%)
400-600 point picks were 2-7 (22.2%)
700-1000 point picks were 5-2 (71.4%)

Click here for the Week One Football Pick Record or here for our detailed YTD record.

The Good!

Aldawg lays the wood and nails a another 10 dog bone pick (1000 points) in the Manning Bowl!!!!

Robnosticator proves to the World why he was last years "Best Football Prognosticator Ever"!!! An impressive 7-1 documented record against the spread this week and perfect in the NFL!!!!

Supervike(Dilly) is a man of few words but his picks kill books. 4-1 last week!!!

The Bad!

Joe Casciato "Shadow" manages to get the bad beats and is the King of getting Back Doored in garbage time. 3-4 last week and sheds 500 points.

The Ugly!

Bobcat was a truly pathetic 3-7 ats. New Baby + Lack of Sleep = Turds for picks.

Big Dumb Animal was 1-4. Yes on all counts. Big. Dumb. Animal (you should see him attack a bucket of fried chicken).

Big Money Pimpa graces us with two losers on Monday night. Thanks for coming back to fuck up our record.

Wayne Allyn Roots "The Winning Edge":

They TV Cappers played it safe this week and held back; but in fairness they were solid against the spread.

Wayne Root: 1-0 (1-0 ytd)(1-0 Best Bets)
Ron Meyer: 1-1 (1-1 ytd)(1-0 Best Bets)
Al McMordie: 2-0 (2-0 ytd)(1-0 Best Bets)
Chip Chirimbis: 1-0 (1-0 ytd)(1-0 Best Bets)

Top 25 Teams:

Betting Top 25 teams was still profitable but not as much as in week one. Ranked teams were 11-8-1 ATS. (57.9%).



What the hell are these points? Points are used to determine the strength of a bet. Think of them as units of betting. 100/1000 points is the minimum/maximum wager a Sedge Court Capper can make. Each Capper started the season with 10,000 points. The capper with the most points at then end of the season wins the Jackpot. Generally speaking 100 points would be considered one unit of betting. You can click here for the Official Handicapping Competition rules.

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    keep on the good work.

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    Hope you win :)
  3. Feedback At 10:34 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Indiana University...

    S U C K S
    A S S ! !

    Why bother?

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