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Friday, September 08, 2006

"I am going to shit in Steve Spurrier's yard and then hump his leg" -UGA


Last week, I was so confident that Wisconsin would easily beat Bowling Green and cover the ten point spread that I made it my pick of the week. I even joked with one of my fans who is also a loyal reader that he should consider it my "Blank Check Pick"; and that the only decision he needed to make was how much money he wanted to win. That's how sure I was.

Now listen. I don't make promises or guarantees, but my pick this week looks to be even stronger than last weeks pick on Wisconsin. This shit is tight! Were heading south to the SEC and I've got a huge winner.....

Georgia (-3) at South Carolina (Robnosticator's Pick of the Week)

Have you ever seen a Bulldog hump a Rooster. It's crazy; and that is exactly what you will see happen Saturday night in Columbia.

Don't let South Carolina's 15 to doughnut shut out of Mississippi State fool you. Those Bulldogs apparently had their nuts removed. This weeks bulldog is a completely different puppy. It's bigger, hungrier, and still has it nuts intact.

The Gamecocks struggled mightily against MSU in the opener and their offense sucked. Their 15 points were the result of three field goals and a fourth quarter touchdown. The lone TD came off a trick play and was followed by a botched 2 point conversion. In fact, MSU statistically outperformed South Carolina in almost every category except kicking and passing. MSU lost starting quarterback Matt Henig after breaking his collarbone in the second quarter and was replaced by redshirt freshman Tray Rutland. Of course I should give credit were credit is due and the Gamecock defense did manage to shut down the MSU offense which was led 3/4 of the game by a redshirt freshmen named Tray. Yeah. (sigh)

Georgia on the other hand hardly managed to break a sweat in their 48-12 shelling of Western Kentucky. Granted, Western Kentucky is a Division I AA school and the Hilltoppers managed to hold the Bulldogs to under 300 yards of total offense; but the matchup was nothing more than the equivalent of a pre-season game and the Bulldogs still managed to put up 48 points.

South Carolina will face a Georgia opponent that can and will score; and whose defense is arguably one of the best in the SEC. Despite the closeness of the final scores the last few times these teams have met I still think Saturday night turns into a blowout. But even if it doesn't, Georgia will prevail and cover the number. Spurrier and South Carolina fans will be begging to "Get that fucking dog off my leg" before halftime.

Robnosticator's Pick: Georgia -3 (3 perogi Pick of the Week)

Two more picks in College and then I'll be back later today or tomorrow morning with my selections for Sundays NFL Action. Next up...

Central Michigan (+28 1/2) at Michigan

In-state match-ups are always interesting. Michigan inexplicably moved up in the AP poll after what I believed was a lackluster performance. Michigan was one of four teams in the Top 25 last week that failed to cover the spread. And of those four teams, Michigan arguably had the weakest opponent. Despite playing at home the Wolverines failed to put Vandy to bed till late in the game. Central Michigan (Michigan's Division 1 Red-Headed Step Child) on the other hand fought well against a superior Boston College; not only did the Chippewas manage to cover but they almost engineered an an outright upset. CMU's defensive end Dan Bazuin should be able to apply enough pressure on Chad Henne to hopefully disrupt Michigans passing game; the area where the Wolverines struggled the most last week.

The big question mark is whether CMU underperforms after last weeks emotional letdown or if Michigan gets caught looking ahead to Notre Dame. I predict the latter and that Michigan begins the self-implosion process early in the leadup to Michigans annual Notre Dame beatdown. Bazuin's disruption may be nothing more than the annoyance of a mosquito getting between me, a Keilbasa, and an Ice Cold Zyweic, but it should be enough to prevent Michigan from scoring the over 4 TD's they will need to cover.

Robnosticator's Pick: CMU +28 1/2 (1 perogi)


Texas Tech(-6 1/2) at UTEP

Forget everything I just said about in-state matchups. UTEP is rebuilding and improving but their just not there yet. Texas Tech has a high-powered offense that loves to run the scoreboard. Lay the points.

Robnosticator' Pick: Texas Tech -6 1/2(1 perogi)

I'll be back later with my NFL picks later today or early tomorrow morning. Depending how the day is turn out I may also drop in a few more Perogis.

Stay Polska,


  1. Feedback At 3:38 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the tips Rob.

    What was your recrod last week?
  2. Feedback At 2:48 AM ~ Anonymous yu li said...

    Robnosticator, you suck as a capper. When are we going to see the Rat's Nest, a weekly commentary by the Rat? He is by far the best and most popular capper on your site. Stop stealing his picks. You are nothing but a copycat. Your pick of the week (Georgia- South Carolina game) is taken directly from the RAT. When are you going to have RAT t-shirts? I just check the polls and it looks like the rat is about to lap you. Your friend, Yu Li.

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