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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One of these two coaches will shit their pants Saturday.
Hint: It's not the one who wears Depend's Fitted Briefs.


Week Three. I hate week three. This is by far one of the toughest weeks to handicap. The oddsmakers have seen most teams play twice and now have a fairly good idea of were to set the lines. In fact, as I reviewd this weeks point spreads nothing jumped out at me. I was 7-1 against the spread last week and nailed my second consecutive "Pick of the Week" but don't expect another blow out week. What I will give you is consistency, week in week out. I have a pick on tonights Maryland / West Virginia Thursday Night ESPN Matchup at the end of this post but let me tackle my College Pick of the Week first.

Clemson at Florida State (-4 1/2) (Robnosticators Pick of the Week)

The Rat was right on one thing. I do use his picks. I use them to see what NOT to do. The Rat is clearly letting his heart get in the way of his pocket book. He did it last week by picking Indiana, his Alma Mater, to cover against Ball State. They didn't. And he did it the week before when he selected Miami to beat FSU and they didn't. In fact, he as openly expressed both his hatred for Florida State and his in-ability to remove emotion when handicapping. I on the other hand neither have a bias or emotions. Thats why I win.

The Annual Bowden Bowl. This matchup is simple. Two Bowdens is better than one. Period.

Forget about Troy State. Strike it from your mind. Select All and Drag and Drop that shit in the Trash Can. FSU was sufferring from a temporary bout with Bi-Polar Disease. They were drained after a hard fought defensive battle after winning the toughest, most important game of their season against Miami. Looking ahead to their next battle, and seeking redemption after last years loss at Clemson they simply got caught looking ahead and underestimated an opponent who certainly did not underestimate them. I Consider it a much needed wake up call; The Seminoles know that one more game asleep at the switch and any hope of a National Championship is over. The Noles have speed, talent, depth, and a legitimate shot at a national title. They will not underperform again this weekend.

Clemson who lost to an unranked Boston College will have to overcome a string of injuries that has decimated their defense. With a weakend Clemson defensive corps which may include All Star Defensive End Gaines Adams who is unlikely for saturdays game, the Tigers will have a much tougher time applying pressure on Drew Weatherford. I see the Tigers being forced into a pass defense and opening up the struggling FSU rushing game.

Bobby knows his son and Jeff know his brother. FSU has superior athletes and the game is in Tallahassee. 4 1/2 points is a bargain. Take the bet know before the line moves up.

Robnosticator's Pick: Florida State - 4 1/2 (3 Perogi Pick of the Week)

Next up, and I am really going to enjoy this one...

Michigan at Notre Dame (-6 1/2)

If you have been betting Michigan this year you've been getting killed. The Wolverines have failed to cover twice against a duo of cream puffs. Covering only measures public perception so I try not to place to much value on it, but take a look at this ballot for the infamous "Blog Poll" submitted by none other than the guy who runs the poll and proclaims that the "goal of the BlogPoll is to collect information from a slew of different eyes and compile it into a poll more just and accurate than the AP or coaches poll".

I mean look at that Ballot and then tell me I'm the one who is delusional. The BlogPoll Czar has Michigan ranked #8 and FSU at #18. Ridiculous! FSU beat Miami at the Orange Bowl and Troy State has at least won a game. The Wolverines opponents on the other hand, Vanderbilt and Central Michigan, are both 0-2; yet Michigan moves up a spot on his ballot and FSU moves down 4!!! What a joke.

What's not funny is the beatdown the Irish are going to put on Michigan Saturday. As long as the Michigan alumni keep pouring money on their Alma Mater this line should stay under a TD. And we should all thank them for keeping the lines consistently over inflated. Remember the Nittany Lions

Robnosticator's Pick: Notre Dame -6 1/2 (1 perogi)

Last but not least my ESPN Thusday Night College Special Pick:

Maryland (+16 1/2) at West Virginia

Sometimes you have to look at the forest instead of the trees. The other day a Collegue posed a question: "How can you bet on a team if you don't even know one player?" I responed, "Because I have a problem". But heres the truth; I don't need to know the players, I don't need to know the coach, I don't need to know the weather, I dont need to know the injuries, and I don't need to know the teams statistics. I don't need any of that crap. I need to know one thing.

What you the public thinks will happen tonight.

The Terrapins opened as 13 point dog. The oddsmakers after watching these teams for two weeks thought this was were the starting line should be. But you with your money told them they were wrong and jumped all over West Virginia pushing the Terps all the way to a 17 point dog before finally settling at 16 1/2. Joe Public likes this bet so much that 78% of the action is on the Mountaineers.

I may lose this pick, bet rest assured I will win more taking the Contrarian approach than following you chumps turn your money over to your bookie.

Robnosticator's Pick: Maryland + 16 1/2 ( 1 perogi)

Good Luck. I will be back by Sunday morning at the latest with my NFL Picks if not sooner with some more NCAA Football Picks.

Stay Polska,


  1. Feedback At 9:26 AM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I dont remember if I mentioned this or not, but Indiana University SUCKS ASS!!!!

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