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Friday, September 01, 2006


It has been a looooong few months my friends. Since last February I have been struggling to keep this little internet venture of mine relevant and regularly updated. I have prostituted myself by using cheap tactics to attract readers. I have sunken to posting nude photos of reality tv starlets to picking a fight with the State of Michigan. I handicapped World Cup Soccer and Big Brother All Stars. I made pre-season picks.

Now the Season is finally underway and I am ready to start picking winners. Unfortunately, I debuted with a lost last night on the Mississippi State game. In all endeavors we need to learn from our mistakes; here is my take aways from a couple of yesterday's college matchups. Before posting my pick I was struggling on whether to take Central Michigan or Mississippi State. I opted for the Bulldogs because I thought it was more evenly matched. It was the wrong choice.

Lessons Learned:

Central Michigan proved last night that they can hang with the Bigger Programs.

Mississippi State performed well on defense, as I had predicted, however their offense was just terrible and could never get things going.

South Carolina is a long way from the good ol' "Fun and Gun". Don't be fooled by the 15-0 shut out last night. 3 field goals and a lucky TD pass won't cut it when they play a team that can actually move the ball.

Before I present my Polish Prognostications lets go over a few basics. The Rat has his cheese wheel. The Polish Prognosticators has Perogis! Here's how my picks will work this season:

1 Perogi = 100 points/1 unit

The more perogis the stronger I like the picks. You can expect me to make 4-5 "Five Perogi" Picks this year. Those will be my Game of the Month picks. Last year I was a documented 100% in those picks. The rest of the time my picks will be in the 1 to 3 Perogi variety. Consider 3 perogis to be my "Pick of the Week". I may play a few 10 Perogi pick this year but I tend to be conservative and my objective is to be consistent not volatile. We Poles grind it out. Always have, Always Will. We work hard. It's in our blood. Stick with me and you'll be alive come February.

Now lets get to my prognostications.

Wisconsin (-10) at Bowling Green (in Cleveland)

I have had the majority of this post written since Tuesday, unfortunately Enzo posted the same pick before I put the finishing touches on it.

First, here's what I don't like. You. The public. You guys love Wisconsin in this game. The public is betting this team well over 70%. However, I think your right and despite the fact that I also hate playing favorites I think Wisconsin is going to throttle the Falcons.

The Falcons have one of the the youngest starting squads in Division I. Bowling Green expects to play 16 of their 23 true freshman in Saturdays game. Coach Greg Brandon told the Toledo Blade "It's a great class. They're young, wide-eyed, and they're fun to coach, They're making a lot of mistakes which is expected, [but] we've just got to push them through that. They get better every day. The sooner they grow up, the sooner we'll win."

In other words, your starters just lost their virginity at the senior prom 4 months ago, now their thrust into the roll of BMOC with no upper-classman to serve as role models, and they are expected to go out and play their first college game in an NFL stadium against a Big Ten Powerhouse.

Ahhh right. 10 points? Try 35.

Ohh and Falcons QB Anthony Turner must sit this one out due to a team suspension, so redshirt freshman Freddie Barnes will be leading the offense against a Wisconsin defense that is returning 8 of their starters.

As Enzo pointed out, last years performance against the Badgers was during the Omar Jacobs regime. And given the recent "successfulness" of Regime Changes I'm willing to lay the number.

Wisconsin Rolls. With or without Stocco.

Robnosticators Pick: Wisconsin -10

3 perogis (300 points) Robnosticators Pick of the Week!!!!

USC at Arkansas (+8 1/2)

Why? Why is USC only an 8 point favorite after roasting the hogs last year 70-17? Find me one person in your office/classroom/dorm who doesn't think that SC is going to man rape the Razorbacks. Then explain to me why Arkansas is only an 8 1/2 point dog.

I mean shouldn't we expect last years title contender to be getting a little more respect from the bookmakers? Isn't this the team that churns out first round NFL Draft picks and whose players finger bang hotel heiresses and party with Boy Band has-beens!!

The line looks too obvious and things that appear easy rarely are. Unless of course your talking about the Rat's wife after dangling a juicy polish kielbasa in front of her after she's had her daily stipend of Boones Farm Wine. When things are that easy you usually get burned; just ask the "Rats" urologist.

Arkansas played well in the second half of the year and almost took out #4 Georgia and #3 LSU. This year the Razorbacks return the bulk of their starters and could be the surprise team in the SEC. SC's offense while laden with talent is still in-experienced. This is Booty's first start behind three new offensive lineman and a bevy of freshman running backs. In fact, CJ Gable will be the first freshman in school history to start at tailback in a season opener.

The Hogs under Coach Houston McNutt have led the SEC in rushing the last Eight Years. Despite the potential loss of Darren McFadden due to a "Grand Theft Auto Beatdown"; backup Felix Jones has been just as exciting when given the ball and Peyton Hillis presents a triple threat that the Trojans will have to address. The Biggest improvement is the Razorback Defense. Last year, freshman linebacker Freddie Fairchild made his college debut in the loss against SC, by the end of the year his improvement had earned him SEC Freshman Defensive Player of the Year. Senior linebacker Sam Olajubutu was the one bright spot for the Razorbacks in last year matchup racking an impressive fourteen tackles against the Trojans. Combined with experience, 72,000 screaming fans, and a deep HATRED for the humiliation they received last year the Razorbacks are going to surprise America.

I am not predicting the end of a dynasty or an outright upset, but I am predicting a harder fought game than people are expecting. Southern California has a lot of unknowns and the revenge factor in this game is un-precedented. Bart Pohlman at the Daily Trojan remined us that last year Coach Carroll went for it on fourth down from his own 16 yard line when the Trojans were leading 63-17. We may have forgotten but I guarentee the Hogs haven't. The Razorbacks are a more experienced team and with this game on their turf I can't see the hogs jumping on the rotiserrie without a fight. These pigs could get slaughtered but my guess is its gonna be the Trojans that end up squealing.

"Wooo Pig Suey!!!"

Robnosticators Pick: Arkansas +8 1/2

1 perogi (100 points)

Stay Polska and have a great labor day weekend!!!


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