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Sunday, September 10, 2006


I had a huge Saturday in College Football locking up my second consecutive "Pick of the Week" with Georgia completely shutting out the Gamecocks. Lets keep it rollin today in the NFL.

Colts (-3) at Giants

Let's be honest. Peyton Manning is probably the best quarterback to ever play the game. One day, WHEN (not if) he leads the blue nation to a superbowl all the "choke" talk will finaly be put to rest. And let me remind my fellow Cappers. This is a Pro-Colts site. Anti Colt rhetoric or disparaging remarks against any current players on the roster will not be tolerated.

The Robnosticator is a Colts fan. I have been for 10 years this season. The wounds from last seasons cut deep but as they say "time heals all wounds" and I amped up for tommorows opener. Tommorow starts the beginning of Indys trip to Miami. This could be the year.

The line is a gift. The oddsmakers must think losing Edgerrin James makes the Colts one dimensional. There wrong. Rhodes and Addai will fill that gap and quite frankly I always felt Edge danced around too much. Sure he could break out some huge runs but in the short yardage situations where we needed someone to hit the hole he was less effective. He was a great player and fans will miss him but the impact of is loss is overdone. I am concerned that Corey Simon is out and that will make it easier for the Giants to run the ball on the Colts but in the end this is going to be shootout.

As I pointed out during the preseason, the Giants should be a very good team this year. However, the big weakness that they have tried to address was their defense. Peyton is like a surgeon and will be able to find and exploit any mistakes the Defense makes. The Colts will score in their opening drive and this will be the last time you see the Colts giving just a Field Goal for the rest of the year.

Robnosticator's Pick: Colts -3 (1 perogi)

Here are the rest of my Week One NFL Picks.

Bills (+10) at Patriots

All things must come to an end. The Patriots dynasty is over. Here is a word you may have not heard since last year--Parity. Thats what makes the NFL so exciting. Teams don't get blown out like in college. This is McGahey's break-out year and I think the Bills cover/

Robnosticator's Pick: Bills +10 (1 perogi)

Bengals (+1 1/2) at Chiefs

Carson Palmer looked great in the pre-season. Chad Johnson while still an idiot is an excellent reciever. Bengals should win this by 7.

Robnosticator's Pick: Bengals +1 1/2 (1 Perogi)

Bears (-3 1/2) at Green Bay

Favre your done. As a native Chicagoan I find it amusing that you will lose your season opener in what is likely the last year of your carreer at home and against Da Bears!

Robnosticator's Pick: Bears -3 1/2 (1 Perogi)

49ers (+8) at Cardinals

Attention Cardinal Fans. Don't expect much from your new high priced back. Your O-Line sucks.

Robnosticators Pick: 49ers +8 (1 pergoi)

Enjoy the dayand try and get out of the house/bar at least once to see the sunlight.

Stay Polska,




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