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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let's be honest..... I hate both of these cocksuckers. In fact I hate their whole cocksucking family. How do I know they are cocksuckers?? This picture is case in point. Look closely and you can see jizz on some lips here. I even hate their cocksucking brother that has spinabifida. Seriously Archie - you want me to believe you spent all those years in the Big Easy without sucking a dick. Come out of the closet you homo.

This game has had a lot of hype. Probably a lot more than it has deserved. When you've got John Madden talking about how the Mothers have the toughest job in a football game, I want to go in my garage and turn the car on while taking large breaths. Eli never wanted to play football. Eli just wanted to get some pussy, and he felt a lot of pressure because his oldest brother is the stand in for the hunchback of Notre Dame off broadway. Peyton is a competitor. He wants to win. So bad he can harldy stand it. Don't think for a second that he hasn't been in his little brother's head since this game got on the schedule. He will not be rediculed at the Thanksgiving table for the rest of his life. If Peyton doesn't win a game the rest of the season, he wants to win this one. Eli will be ready to go home Sunday night and catch up on what he has on TIVO. Peyton is better QB, and the Colts are a better team. They want to prove something coming out. Do it for Lil' Ronnie.

Round one to Peyton, the middle son cocksucker -3 over Eli, the youngest cocksucker (1000 dawg bones)

The Bengals are not hype. Carson is back. Watch these Tigers latch on to the Chiefs like a Roy Horn tiger on RibEye night. Bengals +1.5 over the Queefs (100 dawg bones)

That's how I roll -



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