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Friday, September 08, 2006

Allright douchebags due to shoddy computer equipment I have had to scale back my post this week. However the motto is still go big or go to another bar...I mean home. The week I have found a few hidden gems, and while trying to figure out which ones to present to you fuckholes, so you can go out and earn some cash you otherwise wouldnt have. I decided to make it a 5 game decending order play with associated points x 100 thats right 500,400,300,200,100
you do the math I am going big. (Editors Note: If you are an alum of U of M thats 1500 pts you anal retentive suckholes)

#5 500 pts
Clemson -3 at Boston College
Guess what folks BC almost lost to Central Mich. Chippewas last week that is pathetic. Clemson on the other hand had a very impressive outing and are ranked high for a reason.

#4 400 pts
Rutgers -10.5 vs U of IL
the Knights clamp down on U of I like a fat kid on a snickers and pay back U of I for last yeras loss in champaigne

#3 300 pts
Indiana -4 at Ball State
I was gonna rife these guys out until they play some real competition. Testical Tech is not real comp. So I will agree with the Brat, I mean Rat.

#2 200 points
Tennessee at home -20.5 vs Air Force
Tennessein is Tennebelievin - last week the Vols and Danny Ainges Nephew rolled a much heralded Cal team at home. Playing an Academy at home is almost unfair. this is like taking candy from a baby or taking candy from a Michigan Alum (douchebags)

#1 100 points
Iowa -19.5 at Syracuse
Iowa and Drew Tate = Good, Syracuse = Rebuilding
Kirk Ferentz and staff will have the balls going deep and the defensive flying around. This one could get ugly.

So thats it boys, that grass sure is green on my side of the fence. So feel free to jump on over.



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