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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Robnosticator's wife's offseason tribute to The Rat.

Ratbackers it’s officially here! This year should be better than last. I hope my documented preseason 4-0 start will help convert some of you who actually listen to my lessor competitors (ie the Robmasterbator). This year I will be making weekly picks in dollar increments (each cheese slice = $100 and a whole fuckin cheese wheel = $1000). There will always be commentary, and a little insight into some of the BIG games of the week. These are games that maybe The Rat is not comfortable laying his hard earned cheese on, but want to add some value to my followers. This will allow my followers a little insight into a professional cappers mind and thoughts on the games most of America wants to bet. Although these are great to watch, they are not always the best games to play. Vegas knows you humans are like sheep and will entice you into betting the most popular games of the week (ie fsu v um, cal v ut & nd v gt). For those of you who do not know what teams I just referenced, do me a favor, take your $ and light it on fire. Save yourself the time and agony. Some thoughts early on: 1) the BCS is a beauty pageant and therefore teams will run it up even on the cupcakes. 2) teams are using this week to tune up for bigger games shortly on the schedule (ie OSU with Texas & Florida with Tennessee). Based on this theory these teams might keep their game plans pretty vanilla and keep those complex schemes and plays for the bigger games. Having said that I am not a fan of taking OSU b/c their strength is their offense. They keep this simple it keeps the game close. The Gators on the other hand have an incredible defense which makes them a better play for this weekend. Lastly the early part of the season is the time to really make some $. Vegas has always had trouble with lines in college football, especially early on. If you are like The Rat and follow teams/conferences (The Gators & SEC) closely you can find some real values that even Vegas does not see. So here are some thoughts on 2 of the big games this weekend that The Rat is personally NOT putting any $ on but does have some insight into:

Cal +2 @ UT: UT is a proud program with a huge chip on its shoulder from last year. Their coach, Phillip Fatter, is for the 1st time in his career actually on the hot seat. Unfortunately for Fatter Cal is the better team on both sides of the ball. Rocky Top will be jamming but if I HAD to put $ on this game maybe just a little on the boys from the West Coast.

ND -7 @ Georgia Tech: This game will be close but since the line moved to just a TD The Rat likes the Domers. If you get this line over 7 then I’d go the other way. Again, just for a little $. I still think ND is a little overhyped. The best 3 teams they played last year all beat them. Their D sucked and returns 9 starters. The way The Rat sees it that’s just 9 older guys on D that still suck.


1 Cheese Slice: $100
The Mighty Florida Gators -20 vs Southern Miss:
I’ll keep this simple since I’m an obvious Gator homer. Coach Meyer will have this team focused and give Chris Leak every opportunity to shut up the Tim Tebow faithful. Leak will have a good game but it will be the Gator D that shines in this one. So Miss does not put up double digit pts. Book it!

1 Cheese Slice: $100
Miami -3 vs Free Shoes University:
Proud program with a huge chip on their shoulder. The Rat does not care about the suspensions. Last year’s game was embarrassing and should not even count. DON’T FUCK WITH A STREAK! I hate both of these teams. That being said the Canes get it done in the Orange Bowl. Weatherford is the most overrated QB coming into this season period!

2 Cheese Slices: $200
USC -8 @ Arkansas:
Is Vegas serious here? Does everyone forget about the 70-17 ass whippin The Men of Troy put on this team last year? I don’t care about talent lost. SC has Parade All Americans sitting on the bench for the past few years. Revenge? Forget about it. You can book this game at halftime! This will be easier than getting into Robnosticator’s wife’s pants. Coach Carroll will have this team focused and ready to show the world they don’t rebuild but reload. SC has speed to burn everywhere and a really nasty chip on their shoulders. Arkansas unfortunately will be the Rose Bowl hangover cure for the Trojans.

That’s it for week 1 from The Rat. Happy gambling and GO GATORS!

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    College Football Week 1 Wrap Up - Phenomenal 11-2 ATS

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