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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Returning talent, schedule and basically could your team beat my team. Based on this, no one from the Big East makes the Top 10. FSU is out b/c they got destroyed by my Gators last year. If we are better, which we are, and they are still average, which they are, then why the fuck does anyone have them in their preseason top 10? I mulled over many ranking systems and even watched sportscenter's top 10. What a bunch of fucking sellouts. As usual, they will rank and pump any teams that their beloved Gameday crew will be visiting this year. They had both Big East teams in their top 10? If you have been watching Sportscenter religiously as most of us good cappers do then you have to notice how everynight there is something about the Fightin Irish of Notre Dame. They (ND who I actually like) are the new USC (who I actually hate) for this year (this is decribed in more detail @ That is until October rolls around and ND is staring at least 1 loss for sure on their record. That being said here you go...

Teams that are out:

F$U: I hate them anyways but did you see what the Gators did to them last year?
WVU: Big East enough said. If you look at their schedule its a tough one for basketball not for the pigskin. If there were in the SEC they would lose a minimum of 3 games.
Louisville: See above. If they can finally beat Miami than welcome to the big boy's table.
Tennessee: 5-6 last year and the only bright spot on the team was their D. They lost 7 starters. Another tough year ahead in Rocky Top for Phillip Fatter.
Georgia: QB? Joe T III. That guy would'nt start for my high school team.
Oklahoma: Rhett Bonehead is out and so are the Sooners.
Clemson: Why the hell are they getting so much pub? Spurrier will beat them this year.

The Top Ten:

10) Miami: Proud program with a major chip on their shoulder. D will be incredible.
9) Iowa: Schedule sets up nicely and a great returning qb. Ferentz is a top 5 coach.
8) ND: The offense will be incredible but did you see the Fiesta Bowl and what OSU did to them. I don't care if there are 9 returning starters on D, thats just 9 shitty players that are a year older. Sorry ND you will lose at least 2 games.
7) LSU: Another SEC team loaded with talent but a brutal schedule. QB situation still up in the air.
6) U$C: Too many question marks to be in the top 5. If they make it to the BCS championship this year its over Carroll is the greatest coach ever. Even better than Spurrier.
5) The Mighty Florida Gators: Talent wise could be #1 in the country but again another SEC team with a brutal schedule. Get the O line to gel and find a stud at RB and they could be in the desert come January.
4) Ohio State: Loaded on O but have to replace 9 starters? Jim Tressel built his dynasty on D and special teams. No way this team becomes an offensive juggernaut.
3) Cal: This is The Rat's darkhorse. Win in Knoxville 1st game of the season and it could be a special one. They get the mighty Trojans in Berkeley this year.
2) Auburn: Thats right the SEC must send someone so if it's not the Gators then its the Tigers. This team is loaded everywhere and the tough games are at home. They have been knocking on the door for years.
1) Texas: The Rat believes until you beat the champ they are still the champs. Talk about loaded. Mac Brown's recruiting classes have started to shine through. This team is jammed at every position except the most important. If either freshman can be average this is a tough team to beat.

  1. Feedback At 12:48 AM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you fucking sellout. I thought you loved So Cal and your "fags" of troy?
  2. Feedback At 8:05 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cal plays AT USC this year.

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