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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Colts head down to Jackson, Mississippi tonight to face the Hurricane Katrina Saints. The media is desperately trying to hype the game with faux anger directed towards Peyton because he decided to attend Tennessee and never win a Bowl Game vs. going to his daddy's school, Ole Miss, to never win a championship. Adding to the excitement and pageantry of this pre-season matchup will be Old Man, Archie Manning, providing color commentary for the Saints while simutaniously deflecting questions as to why his son chokes in the post-season. The Mannings are quickly becoming the Bush Family of Football. Rising to great levels only to under-achieve and disappoint.

As far as this tonight is concerned it just another opportunity for the Colts to get someone fucked up in a meaningless and pointless endeavors. As a Colts Fan my question is this? Do the Colts have more to gain or more to lose tonight?

Consider this. The original line was set at Saints - 1/2 and had moved to - 3 1/2 for the Colts by Friday. The reason for the line movement was Coach Dungys game plan to play his first squad into the third quarter. This is news? Give me a fucking break; for years coaches have used the third pre-season game to give their starters significant playing time. Why is this such a surprise now? I'll tell you why. Because the books see money jumping on the Colts and given Drew Brees shitting of his pants in Dallas last week they are shaving these lines.

Here are the facts that you need to know. The Colts are banged up. They lost backup RB James Mungro for the season. They may have lost backup QB Jim Sorgi for the season. Kicker Adam Vinateri bruised his ankle and has been fucking crying like a little bitch. And that's just the start of it. As late as Tuesday the Colts had 20 players who were held out of practice. The defensive starting unit has yet to play together. Cory Simon (The Big Fat Fucker who clogs up the middle) is out till the opener. Starters Sanders and Reagor who missed the first couple pre-season games will play tonight but will be along side a trio of two guys who have never played a down in the NFL and a washed-up has been.

New Orleans on the other hand has as much chance of making it to the post-season as Michigan does of winning a bowl game this decade. Brees has looked like crap in the pre-season and the Saints need to play him deep into the third quarter to give their offense an opportunity to come together. The Saints tandam backs of McCallister and Williams will get a lot of work tonight and I expect to seem more penetration than a midnight session surfing

At the end of the day it comes down to this. If the Colts roll into Mississippi and risk Harrison, Manning, or Rhodes; or if Freeney or Sanders gets hurt. Well then, Lil' Ronnie will have nothing to sing about come late November.

Joe Public seems to think the Colts who have lost their last nine pre-season games are a bargain at - 3 1/2. With over 67% of the public jumping on this side I'm sticking to my core philosophy:

Betting dogs when the public is overwhelmingly against them.

Robnosticators Pick : Saints +3.5

Stay Polska,



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