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Friday, August 18, 2006

I have to agree with the main polacknosticater. I have never met an alum from U of M that wasnt a complete douche. They all think their shit dont stink, and are the first A-holes to talk shit and then back it up with a comment like "touch me and I'll sue" or some other pussy ass shit like "I dont need to fight to settle an argument". So in general, yes they are pussy ass douche bags.

Now for my free pick of the night.

I am gonna follow Shadows lead and pick The Bears - 3.5.

heres why:

1.) Yes, sports radio in town has been jumping all over the "QB controversy" and the running back issue. Guess what Rex is gonna play the whole first half, and he wants to shup up his critics more than anyone. Look for him to get it going with Mark Bradley and Mushin Muhammad. Those guys still have things to prove Pre season or not. also with Rex playing the whole first half guess who gets most of the second? Thats right, Griese Does (U of M Douchebag) and he looked preety good last week going against scrubs.

2.) The defense looked a bit iffy against San Fran and they want to shut up the local media as well.

3.) they are at home. they want to get the home town fans into and get motivated for the season.

4.) All these guys want to win no matter what season it is, and most of them are fighting for spots, especcially the second half players.

BDA Pick: Chi town -3.5 at home

  1. Feedback At 8:20 PM ~ Anonymous Ya Mom Owes Me $$$ said...

    Your blogger name is really fitting.

    Isn't posting on this site taking time away from beating your wife?

    How's the construction gig going? Gotta make that money to feed your 12 kids so they can grow up and have the strength to clean my toilets, shine my shoes, and serve my fries.

  2. Feedback At 10:10 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Things a Michigan alum is likely to be...

    1. One with charm
    2. One with wit
    3. One with intelligence
    4. One with integrity

    And finally, and perhaps most inter-connected to your life...

    Your boss.

    Thanks, and see you around little brother.
  3. Feedback At 12:00 AM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    your blog must be awesome. 2 threads have comments. every comment i've read is people telling you what an idiot you are. every other thread has 0 comments. are you sure people actually read and take your blog seriously? or are you just fooling yourself?
  4. Feedback At 12:05 AM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well there is at least three Michigan Dumbfucks who read this post. Go Big Red!
  5. Feedback At 4:13 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And people from Nebraska can read? Oh shit, you guys even have a school? That gives out degrees? Damn. Certainly news to the rest of the country.

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