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Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Osama also enjoys Man Fun"
Michigan Football Sucks!!! And so does the MGOblog!!. There I said it.

Why does the MGO blog suck?

First, It's about Michigan therefore it must automatically be placed in the "Suck" category. The Wolverines will be lucky to break .500 in the Big Ten and I'll be laughing my ass of when they shit the bed against Central Michigan.
Second, is there fascination with something they call "Man Fun", which they described as "an innocent expression of childhood glee". Sounds pretty gay and I can assure you that we did not have this "Man Fun" where I went to school.

Thirdly, and this is the main reason, is their stupid Blogpoll. It is the most retarded concept I have every seen and I am embarrassed that I even applied to be a part of it.

Here is their brilliant idea:

"It's a college football poll run and voted on by sports bloggers. No fooling! The goal of the BlogPoll is to collect information from a slew of different eyes and compile it into a poll more just and accurate than the AP or coaches poll... but probably just the same if we're being honest."

Being the Best Football Prognosticator Ever! (Which is documented!) I decided to offer my detailed insight and witty banter to this so-called "Blogpoll" only to have my offer arbitrarily discarded because the Sedge Court Journal is not "affiliated with any school"
At first I was angry but then I thought: "I don't want to be apart of their stupid poll and stupid blog anyways!"
And here is why their poll is so fucking stupid. Of all the potential voters out there, I am one of the few experts that is truly unbiased. I single handedly handicaped over 169 games last year and personally watched over 75% of the matchups yet despite my honesty, candor, and extensive football knowledge I have been rejected from participating in the blogpoll. The blogpoll is nothing more than a bunch of homers whose knowledge is limited to the top 25 and their own conference.
Well, they can take their "Blogpoll" and go fuck themselves. I am going to start my own poll and it will be way better!!!

  1. Feedback At 3:48 PM ~ Blogger Jeff said...

    Wow... that is some bitter, bitter stuff. The finale of "I am going to start my own poll and it will be way better!!!" multiplies the bitterness of the post by like four.
  2. Feedback At 6:20 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don't know where your hostility is coming from, but I wouldn't put money on UM finishing sub-.500 in Big Ten play (hasn't happened in 40 years) or losing to a MAC team (has never happened).
  3. Feedback At 8:05 PM ~ Anonymous Fuck This Blog said...

    Holy Shit... This dude's more butt-hurt than a 13 yr old in a greek bath house.

    What's the matter kid? Dad never tell you he loves you? Always picked last for kickball? Too fat to get laid?

    I'm sorry they didn't want you on their "team", but try not to be such a fucking drama queen.
  4. Feedback At 8:14 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This might be the most pathetic piece of whiny drivel that I have ever read, and I just read TO's new book.

    Congratulations, moron.
  5. Feedback At 8:49 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You said this,

    "Of all the potential voters out there, I am one of the few experts that is truly unbiased.",

    only a few lines after taking a whole paragraph, included with pictures of OBL in Michigan gear, completely ripping on Michigan and how well you feel they'll do this year.

    Obviously, you are completely biased, especially toward Michigan, and Brians rejection of you from the blogpoll, just brought this out into the light.

    You sound like a whiny little bitch with a skinned knee. Grow up.
  6. Feedback At 10:06 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hmm, I'm guessing this isn't the first time you've been rejected by someone affiliated with the University of Michigan.
  7. Feedback At 10:13 PM ~ Blogger 'Eff said...

    You should try getting laid.
  8. Feedback At 11:24 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The blogpoll, in case you really haven't been paying attention, is clearly unbiased and may well achieve its objective of producing better results than media polls. Given that your response is to call Brian's post "gay," I can only assume that your reference to "my school" referred to your *elementary* school. In my experience, that was about the time that people realized that "gay" wasn't exactly an insult.

    Oh, and by the way, Brian's writing to which you referred was satirical. We actually got to that where I went to grade school, but that was in Michigan.
  9. Feedback At 11:36 PM ~ Blogger The Polish Prognosticator said...

    Your response to my post illustrates the caliber of education in Michigan. You and your fellow Michigan brethren have demonstrated your mastery of reading comprehension and recognizing "Satire"
  10. Feedback At 12:22 AM ~ Anonymous Other Andrew said...

    Have you ever listened to the band Leatherface? They have a friggin' awesome song called "Sour Grapes". I listen to it all the time. They also do a superb cover of "True Colors". But I recommend Sour Grapes for you. Great fucking tune.
  11. Feedback At 9:37 AM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Say what? Just go away. Wipe this page from the blogosphere and while you're at, wipe yourself away. The idea of more people like you reproducing is kind of scary.
  12. Feedback At 11:45 AM ~ Anonymous Cock D said...

    wow - you are soooooo overcompensating for your latent homosexuality. Two guys wrestle and all you think of is gay butt-sex? Seriously, have some confidence in your manhood - or are you such a pathetic sack of shit that you are afraid of a little physical contact with a man.

  13. Feedback At 3:01 PM ~ Blogger Jeff Kelley said...

    Before you start insulting Michigan football, you might want to learn a few things. First, how to organize your thoughts in a coherent manner. Second, how to use wit and cleverness to verbally pick apart an opponent, rather than just attack their sexuality. Third, basic spelling and grammar rules of the English language. When you can't get your ideas across in a way that can be understood by others, it's hard for us to comprehend just how stupid you really are.
  14. Feedback At 4:56 PM ~ Blogger Packer487 said...

    I love when people rip on the education that students from U of M receive.

    Really, if you're going to fling insults, at least make sure they make sense.

    Making fun of the education provided by one of the country's best schools doesn't fall into that category.
  15. Feedback At 11:53 PM ~ Anonymous Anonymous said...

    your post was satire? i suppose, technically, it could be satire, although it completely lacks any semblance of wit. the 7th grade tough guy vocab doesn't help your cause. and fyi, dropping a bunch of f bombs and calling something "gay" is not exactly a criticism of why something is bad. no, that's you being a moron.
  16. Feedback At 4:27 PM ~ Blogger Chris said...

    In order for something to be satire, you have to attack something through wit or irony, not petulance and poor grammar.

    I think it's hilarious that this site got probably 5 times the traffic it normally does because MGoBlog did it a favor by mentioning them in a post.

    Don't take it personally that you absolutely suck. Go buy a copy of Strunk and White and apply for the BlogPoll next season. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  17. Feedback At 5:17 AM ~ Anonymous Ryno said...

    This post reeks of Buckeye-ness

    Of course, they offer a major in online gamling and half-ass web hosting, so I'm surprised the Polish Prognosticator wasn't called out from post 1.

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