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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

With football kicking in full force this week the postman has been busy filling the Sedge Court Journal mailbox with "free" pre-season guides and handicapping offers. On my desk right now are the "2006 Pro and College Edition, Insiders Betting Digest", "The Vegas Experts, Football Betting Guide", a fistful of junkmail offers from random scamdicappers and the "Doc's Sports Journal". Most, if not all of these periodicals are useless and will find themselves neatly categorized and submited to the circular file. However, this year I recieved a special request from one of our featured sponsors:


I forgot to mention in my last e-mail that our 120-page football schedules are out and I would like to send you one for your review. We are interested in a fair independent review of our publication. You can say anything you want about it good or bad we only ask that you show an image of it with a link back to the free schedule sign up page at

Well, far be it from me to refuse a free gift from a paying sponsor of our little website; and far be it for me to pass up an opportunity to get a free pass to "say anything we want, good or bad." So here goes my un-biased review.

But first, an honest assessment of my dealings with docsports. As most of you know, I have not been a big fan of the professional handicappers. Many of these guys are just simply scam artists or self promoters looking to turn a quick buck at the expense of people to lazy or to stupid to do the work themselves. What I can tell you about Docsports is this:

a.) They have been great to deal with from a business standpoint.
b.) They don't make bullshit claims
c.) Their free picks dont suck. We made a legitimate effort last year to track our picks against the pro's. Doc gave his picks out at "covers experts" and through "free picks by email". The record of those free picks was 28-16!!! 63.6%!!! You can check their record here against us and several other well known handicappers. Doc was one of the very few cappers we tracked who consistently beat the number.

Bottomline. Despite the huge sums of cash they pay us to advertise, I honestly believe that they provide value for their clients, and if and when you decide to hire a handicapper they are worth a serious look.

Now for my review of the Doc's Sports Journal.

The Sport Journal comes in a nice pocket book sized shape. The front and back cover are made of a nice sturdy cardstock that should last throughout the season and wont get fucked up the moment your two year old gets their grubby little paws on it. The first couple of pages within the journal provide a historical background of Doc and an overview of his business philosophy and professional ethics. The Photo of Doc in front of a late model convertible BMW reeked of a scene from "Two for the Money" and the name dropping while interesting and obviousley designed to build credibility seemed a little to self-promotional. However, his philosophy on winning and expectations seemed legitimate and I was most impressed that Doc's doesn't segment their picks like other handicappers. Segmenting picks allow scamdicappers to promote a profitable segment of their record and ignore the overall record. Doc apparantly does not do this and shares my view on the dishonesty of this process.

The nicest feature of the Sports Journal is the comprehensive week by week schedules. The schedules let you know when the game starts for each Time Zone (assuming your to stupid to figure it on your own) and also list who each team plays the following week (since some schools can get caught looking ahead). The schedules are also printed on a sturdy paper stock with areas where the box scores can be written in; and this is the biggest advantage that the Journal has over the other betting guides I recieve. If your like me, you probably print out the lines each week and then hold your pick sheet through the weekend. However, most bettors lose the pick sheet after the weekend is over. The Doc's Sports Journal is a great tool to itemize the bets you take and to have a written record of your picks. Because of the size of this handy book it will fit nicely in the cushion of your favorite chair or couch and because it is not printed on glossy mylar you can actually use it for something other than gawking at scantily clad sportsbook models.

The Sports Journal also has a nice handy 12 page section that gives the stats for last seasons matchups where teams played one another. It's categorized week by week so you can quickly glance at the current week and see how teams played one-another last year. This saves you time from searching all over the internet for the same info. The only thing missing in this section was the closing line in last years matchup.

The Sports Journal also provides a "trend" section with 225 "short shots" for the bettor to consider in making their picks. While this information is nice it is not categorized in a easily digestible format. I got a headache looking at it and while the information is interesting it's not laid out in a format that would be useful.

With over 130 pages of useful information the Sports Journal is pretty complete with one glaring exception. Unlike other sports betting guides the Journal does not have individual team pages. However, that information is readily available elsewhere and given the cost of putting this free resource together I can understand why they left it out.

At the end of the day the best compliment I can give Doc's Sports Journal is whether I will use it. The answer is yes. And considering how these books are free I suggest you take them up on their offer and snag a free one.

And Doc, next year lose the sports car and put a photo of the employees and family members that work at Doc's Sports Service. That says successful, respected, established buisness.

Oh, and more swimsuit models. Lots more.


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