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Monday, June 12, 2006

Do you have a website or blog that you would like to promote and start growing your traffic? If the answer is yes, then advertising and/or exchanging links with the Sedge Court Journal may be the answer.

The Sedge Court Journal is always looking for advertising and linking partners. We currently have a Google Page Rank of "4". Listed below is our most recent policy on linking and current advertising rates:

Simple Link Exchange on Link Page: Free

To have your link placed in our link list use the information below to place our link on your site:

Title: Free Football Picks
Description: The Best Sports Betting Blog Ever Created!!!!

Once the link is properly formatted and inserted within your site; email us with the URL and your reciprocal link information. We will add you to the list within 24 to 48hrs.

Home Page Link Exchange: $10 per month/5 month minimum
(Free for reciprocal link on Page Rank "4" or higher page)

So, you've figured it out!!! Google and Yahoo assign value to text links that appear on higher ranked pages. You have probably heard that the higher the page rank of sites linking to you the further up you will be in the Search Engines. Now you want me to trade links with your crappy ass site that no one visits in return for a link on the front page of my fucking awesome sports blog.

Sweet! Lets do it. Heres what it will cost and here is what you get in return:

The minimum fee for the 2006-2007 Football Season is $10 per month with a 5 month minimum plus a reciprocal link to us on your link page. Your link will appear in the right side bar under the title "Cool Links". To maximize value we will limit the number of advertisers and outgoing text links to a maximum of 20. Links that appear on our home page not only receive potential traffic but also benefit from being crawled regularly by Google and Yahoo.

But I don't want to pay?

Who does. If your website has a verifiable page rank of "4" or above your link will be placed free on the home page. However, we reserve the right to bump you if another publisher with a higher page rank approaches us. If this occurs we will move your link to the link page and notify you via email of the change.

Is this really worth it?

Such a skeptic you have become. Let me tell you this; and keep in mind I am not an expert when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (but I am an expert when it comes to picking winners in football and pleasing the ladies). Getting linked to websites (more importantly websites with high page ranks) is the key to listing higher in the Search Engines.

For example, take a look at our current featured sponsors. Not only are they super talented handicappers but they are also a savvy web entrepreneurs. Our Featured Sponsors consistantly rank high in the major search engines for the key words sports gamblers surf for. Here are just a few Google searches to give you some food for thought:
and believe it or not......

As you can see for yourself, our featured sponsors typically ranks in the top 4 spots under those search terms. Now far be it from me to take all the credit; but the truth is the Sedge Court Journal, and other sites with page ranks similar to ours, play an important factor in improving your ranking in the search engines. Like most endeavours, hard work, determination, and a proper allocation of cash can make the difference between success and failure.

And thats why we will exchange links for free with sites with a Page Rank of "4" or higher. The link itself and the benefits associated with it are worth far more than $10 bucks a month. less than "4" and your bringin us down....and thats gonna cost you.

You can check your page rank here. This is my Current Rank-->Google PR™ - Post your Page Rank with

I am sold, but can I get my link placed higher on the page where everyone is sure to see it?

Premium Placement 1: $100 month / 3 month minimum (SOLD)

For the 2006-2007 Football Season a 125x125 advertisement may be placed at the top position in the left sidebar directly beneath the Contact Us link.

Premium Placement 2: $100 month / 3 month minimum (SOLD)

For the 2006-2007 Football Season a 125x125 advertisement may be placed at the top position in the right sidebar directly beneath the XML Icon.

Standard Placement: $75 month / 3 month minimum

For the 2006-2007 Football Season a 125x125 advertisement may be placed in eithe sidebar. The add unit or text links will be placed within the top 1/2 of the site.

Pimp My Site: $15 p/post (September thru January) $5 p/post (February-August)

Hey; I get it. Sometimes you dont want to make a big commitment. Maybe you just want to take the Jounal for a test run and see what happens. Well, if you want, I will allow you to submit a blog post pimping your shitty site. We'll post your delusions of granduer----for a fee. And, believe it or not, people read the crap we write, even sports reporters at the Houston Chronicle.

So how did you come up with these prices?

Since our inception we have tracked site traffic and CTR (click thru rate) with various affilate programs including Google Adsense. The fees are based on expected revenue if an ad unit was placed in that spot. When an advertiser signs up, we typically place them above the Google Adsense units. This increases exposure for our advertiser but pushes the google ads lower reducing their exposure and earning potential. We really, really, really like google......but......let face it, they control the pricing and take the lion share of the profits. We add value and a lower cost than Adwords.

Lets roll! How do we get started?

Email me with any questions you may have. Getting started is easy. We accept PayPal for payment. Once payment has been made we will have your link and/or ad up immediately.

Thanks and Stay Polska,

The Sedge Court Journal


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