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Monday, August 08, 2005

and some nachos....

oh and while your up will you make Phil some chicken soup. I don't think he is feeling well.

That's right. Tonight kicks off the Football season with the Pre-season Hall Of Fame Game featuring the Chicago Bears vs. the Miami Dolphins.

"Rob, can you help me clean the kitchen?"

"No, I'm watching the game"

"Rob, can you help me put the kids to bed?"

"No, I'm watching the game"

"Rob, can we watch the E True Hollywood Story"

"No, were watching the game"

"Rob, can you tell me who is going to cover the point spread tonight?"

"I thought you'd never ask..............."

Two things we know for sure: a.) The Bears suck b.) The Dolphins suck.

So how do we go about handicapping tonights game. Let's talk about Phil's pick with the Chicago Bears winning tonight. He is suffering from a bacterial infection which spreads through Chicago in August and September. It's called "Mononineteeneightyfiveocouluos". This virus usually clears up by mid-september after a three week treatment of "westillsuckicilin" After reading his post I was surprised to learn how early the bug is getting around this year. Clearly, Phil is running a very high temperture because when I spoke to him today he did'nt even know the Bear were laying a field goal!

"Wait Rob. Did I hear you correctly. Phil told us to take the Bears and he did'nt even know the pointspread?"

Yes. You did hear me correctly. Phil's fever is so high he's picking games without even knowing the line!!!!!

I'll stick with my scholarly approach and leave the gut checks at the door. I may not win every game I pick, but rest assured I'll at least know the point spread before I go making bold predictions.

That said Phil did make some good obersavations. Yes, Rex Grossmen is on his third offensive coordinator in as many years. Yes, the Bears drafted a running back in the first round. They clearly have no confidence in Thomas. And golly, we all know how succesful the Bears have been at picking running backs lately. Rember Rashaan Salaam.

Unfortunatley, Phil commited what is called in the Ivory Towers, a Logical Fallicy. On the surface it looks good but as you examine the data it turns out to be false.

The Dolphins are the better team. Take the points. Dolphins +3

and Phil........

Get well soon.


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